What happens when she meets a certain Italian. All rights reserved 20152023 i love you. Monica exclaims.3. Work Search: he he starts to nod off when him and Chandler are Watching T.V. Monica wasn't looking forward to trying to make sense of what those two recounted of their conversation, preparing herself for trying to analyse what Chandler had actually been trying to say from their second-hand accounts. Chandler! he called again, his voice cracking on the a in a way that somehow managed to be cute. Then everyone ends up at the hospital so they can still spend Thanksgiving together. But comforting Joey had been something Chandler had entrusted her with so she had done it without question. Who had it all I did not write this summary I found it on google. He is best known for being a ladies' man and a rather silly but adorable personality. It was so typical of Chandler to dismiss his own feelings for the sake of making someone else feel better. Meta writer, reader, author, and artist. Friends Imagines Fanfiction. If there was talk of Joey struggling to make rent or not making friends in his building, she could be certain Chandler would take drastic measures to assist him. 3 One Episode Categorically Proves That Joey Is A Sex Addict, And The Other Friends Even Agree Warner Bros. he asks before pressing a kiss onto your head. Episode: s08e16 The One Where Joey Tells Rachel Love Confessions Love Rejection Friendship Emotional He's going to do it. Agora imaginem se o Joey tivesse gravado outra coisa nessa fita. "Why?" Comfort (TOW Joey Moves Out) Powered by Invision Community. No profit will be earned as a result of this work (although I wish it did! Joey shuffled in his sleep, the smile leaving his face and being replaced by a frown, Chandler's hand leaving his hair. There are a lot of views on fanfictions of any sort; someone is going to end up reading it and liking it. Monica had witnessed his hair, short and long, wet from a recent shower and smelling magnificently of that shampoo he always bought although she'd never been able to pinpoint the exact scent. It was nice, she had no idea why she was being so hostile. Monika. Maybe it was nothing, but Monica had never seen Chandler actively pull his sleeves down. Any better?. Joey felt a hand on his forehead, his eyes crossing as he tried to look up at the hand. ashburnham school committee; its his baby now political cartoon meaning; softstar primal sawyer This is my first fanfiction ever, so ple Chanoey, trigger warnings (if any) will be mentioned at the beginning of each chapter. Monica wanted to slap him and bundle him up in her arms at the same time. When I asked you yelled at me! tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. One in 3rd an Chandler and Joey are a couple wether you want it or not(: ALL THE STORIES IN THIS COMPILATION ARE FROM AO3. Whether it was so he could gesture more emphatically or help with grunt work, cold or hot, those sleeves of his were always coming up. How come the principal let him replace english with dueling class? The next morning Chandler was surprised to find Joey awake before him- though he wasnt surprised to find him sitting up on the couch with the waste basket between his legs, hacking into it. She had grown up with Rachel, had learnt to trust Rachel against over the past year but her observation skills left something to be desired. "I think he's afraid he's lost Joey, like this distance between them is more than just a couple of blocks.". he asks Chandler for a kiss for good luck. Monica glared at Phoebe. Read Chapter 7|Double Dates from the story Bewitched {An NKOTB Fanfic} by justapaperbackwriter (D.Writes) with 397 reads. Basically, what if episode 2.24 had gone a little differently(and then I shove some events from season four into season three for ~drama~). Joey rolled his eyes, before giving his nose a thick, heavy blow. "I just don't want to get sick!" I'd probably read it anyways. Her blossoming hair, her immense beauty would make e. night changes | Joey Tribbiani 17 parts Ongoing Chandler nodded. But then Chandler gets jealous because how come Rachel, Monica and Phoebe can make Joey smile but he can't? Kaiba just glared as a response. Naomi is a small town girl on her way to the Big Apple. "Then how could you know he was upset? I figured he shouldn't be alone right now. I think you should really take some, he told his friend. This sucks, Chandler bemoaned, finally reaching the front entrance of his building. He was drowning in love, and it was unmistakable. *Contains slash. Chandler didnt even have the time to greet him before he had run into the bathroom. I wrote the New Years kiss scene between Joey and Chandler. Would it really hurt him to pick his poor, sick friend up some NyQuil? Chandler stepped into Central Perk at noon, after a morning of running errands. It was unhealthy but he did it so consistently, Monica had learnt not to question it. Slow burn, "The actress Rachel and Monica's old friend Giovanna moves to the city and the three friends reunite. She waited for Ross to comment on the action, he had a full view of it, after all. Shopping. I feel icky. Chandler grunted as he got out of bed and made his way to Joeys room, throwing open the door and flicking on the light switch. The one with the made up imagines. 1. On May 15, 2001, she realized her first dream: to be a bride. after seeking comfort from her older brother, j Angelica Romano moves in next door to Monica and Rachel. he happily obliges to Joeys request. yuukiluna, sinoah, DES_ster_69, Limited_expectation, iespenhain, Gingervibes, NAGIndustries, LunarLune, Spring_Breeze, CautiouslyExisting, Verdantliberatus, justaCamelotcitizen, conjunction_junction, Diana_Turner, A0_0Human, unheardsouls, multiple_messes, ProblemChildNumber1, Heyitsmeyademon, FallenAngel76, Vivid_greenhouses, Shahana_009, Really_Boy, Imp_ala, LionBoi, Dark_thoughts_care, ahauntedrose, ImmortalDarkPassion, hotchocolatedictator, CuteSlay, thefrantasticgay, barbaravitoriatp, AbrilOpal, Bolda, dead_society, Red_man, Net_sovesti, theawkwardgrape, Sebastian_Stark, BakeAnOfferTheyCant_deny, Unlovable, klancepeterjohnson, the_shipper_dragon, chocolate_fishy, bluemoon1204, minasecretlovechild, Sagittarius_Bumblebee, argentum_fenix, EvelynMich, jule_Bo, and 227 more users Youre seriously going to an audition like that, he said, incredulously. While a potential relationship between the two of . "Yeah sorry babe." .Friends (TV) (392) Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (2) Merlin (TV) (2. Joey is a teacher at a Middle School. Joey opened his eyes and the first thing he noticed was the blinding ache behind his eyes, he felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer. The Lorraine Minerva Kent is 26 years old and is just trying to find her way on her own in the New York City when she meets a group of 7 friends and her life is changed. Ugh, the poor fool. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Joey T., Chandler B. Pois, sobre isso que a histria . N new and unoriginal idea. I'm debating on writing thisso , would anyone here read a Friends fanfiction if it was posted? and cuddle on the sofa. Chandler sighed and stepped back. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. In 1998, Monica realized that the love of her life was right next to her. phoebebuffay chandler ross +12 more # 12 Roxie Bing | she's the one by jay 40K 823 20 What he doesnt expect is Joey kissing him. Work Search: Little Joey is sleepy Joey. She leaned forward to kiss his forehead before standing up and going to make herself a drink in the kitchen, missing the small subconscious smile on the sleeping Joeys face. disclaimer: i own none of the characters written in this story. Monica made you some of her special soup, do you want me to heat some up for you?. Joey frowned at the pink on his cheeks. Said it fit the mood. Chandler shrugged, turning his attention back to the blank TV screen. wattys2017. ( 1-?? you say and you can hear how sore your troath is. It's simple math. he makes him some food, a drink and they watch T.V. No me responsabilizo por dar spoilers, sejam de que temporada forem! This last Saturday of January, we're posting the third and final of our "Snowed In" theme stories for the month - Snowbound and Love Sick, a story in which author A. L. Hear Rachel nodded, "Upset. Rachel finds a mysterious gift left on the kitchen table. Chandler wasnt surprised when he came home to find Joey curled up on the couch with the TV still on. friends. "How is he?" The brunette tried moving away, but to no avail with nowhere to move to. Now it was Chandlers turn to frown, and he stepped towards the bed. C'mon buddy, you okay?" She is excited to start a life away from her parents and continue her passion for writing. It didn't suit Chandler at all. She linked her fingers together and leant forward onto her elbows, laying her forearms across the table. Shouldn't you know?" He shrugged as an idea popped into his head. "Rachel! Chandler frowned again as Joeys frowny face returned. she smiles back before putting on her coat. There was none of his usual mischief shining in the coloured rings around his pupils nor a smirk on his lips. Monica knew he had been worried about Joey. She had known it when she had left Chandler with Rachel and Ross and she was almost happy to have been proven correct. Joey frowned. He inched downwards, planting his lips onto his younger friends forehead before standing up quickly. Just go to sleep.. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Monica pressed her eyelids together tightly too. Chandler remembered hearing Joey snoring very clearly at just eleven. Chandler, Im really cold. After all, he seems pretty harmless, but Chandler doesn't realize how fast everything can spiral out of control. There was something about the way he'd keep his lips tight and not say anything when he looked at her with those eyes that could make her heart clench. Author's Note: Hey guys! Joey had went to bed even earlier, being sick and all, but had taken about an hour to fall asleep- most likely due to his incessant coughing and snot-dripping nose. But Im not tired anymore. Joey pouted. You're sick, the flu, it has been going on for three days now and it's still not over. F.R.I.E.N.D.S FANFICTION ) Shut up Ross. Please? he begged- that was just too much. They are still as much in love as when they started, or at least they were. Nails (TOW All The Rugby) Chandler really 'clicks' with a girl and despite a slight hiccup, they decide to meet.When Janice shows up, Chandler decides he has to take this shot.This must mean something, right? The other surrounded the pair, aweing at the sleeping man. after seeking comfort from her older brother, j Angelica Romano moves in next door to Monica and Rachel. Youre a great friend. Chandler patted the youngers head, turning towards the screen and pressing play. It doesn't look like Joey's coming back any time soon.". Joey fears that hes working too hard and hes over doing it. Today is the day he is going to tell Rachel how he truly feels. Sasholotl, whatevssatan, qatter, Minimunch11, peixeroot, teachesofpeaches, mightydeafeningmouse, TheArgo2Crew, Alzgames, smokeyourgreens, Stationery_Queen, Jexachel, Carmamind_Curtis, amugglesadly, tzaikii, like_sands_of_time, athansolo, guroseinsei, MondlerLover84, OwlWolf22091, ellie_in_space, HauntingAria715, maddietexan33, Ririfiction, bakayuni, moonlightbookgirl, annesoares, unstoppable95, IntrovertedOwl, riotgrrrlswhore, mkykszjbpc, and LokisHorcrux9 | In which Monica Gelle || "Oh honey, you're so beautiful you make my heart beat like it's running a marathon." Joey stood and left the room, and came back with a thermometer. highest rankings. Don't try fitting this into the Jojo or Friends timeline for real unless you want to have a stroke. "Joe? She swallowed. After a one night hook up Rachel becomes pregnant with Joeys. "He didn't say much," Rachel started. I thought today would be normal but little did i know that when i walked in to the coffe shop i would meet my soulmate. Thats what I meant by getting back into bed, you doofus. Rachel crouched down on the floor and petted Joeys cheek, making baby noises. So I have an idea to write a Friends fanfiction where probably Rachel is sick with a cold or the flu or something. But he didn't. chandler breaks up with Janice and starts having dreams about his future with Monica. (contains violence, not extremely explicit, but still)please take care of yourself, and don't read if it makes you uncomfortable. Work Search: Hey Joe, can I have a bite of that? Inside was Joey. I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable. Crack taken seriously! He was happy when Chandler obliged to help him practice, but he had no idea it would mean the beginning of some unwanted feelings for his roommate. tonymonroe, the youngest geller falls in love with the charming tribbiani WARNING! Joey cringed after taking a capful and Chandler had to keep from smiling like an idiot at the adorable face he made. a blonde zoological sciences expert has just moved to new york city after her boyfriend cheated on her. 2. Remote in hand, Chandler was just flicking off Seinfeld when a broad shadow covered the screen. I need to get sleep for work tomorrow.. You need it.. Work Search: I have to get there a- he broke off with a harsh, wet sneeze. His eyes didnt leave Joeys face, and he couldnt help but grin when the smile returned to his roommates face. Monica squeezed Chandler's shoulder again and then walked towards the door. He chuckled. Sick Day, a friends fanfic | FanFiction Title: Sick Day Author: Katherine Hansen Rating: G Summary: Chandler gets sick. Please cuddle me. Will you let me feel your forehead? Joey looked up at him over the tissue held to his nose and nodded tiredly. He tries everything to get more comfortable with it. Chandler carefully lifted his hand to feel Joeys forehead, finding it incredibly hot. "What?" Joey protests instead. Phoebe repeated her action, leaving the three guys on their own. SLOW UPDATES he gets home and he gives the gift or treat to Joey who wonders what hes done to deserve this gift or treat. "Please tell me you didn't actually say that to him. OC X JOEY TRIBBIANI And she was almost certain that, if push came to shove, Chandler would pick his brother over whatever he saw her as. Joey and Chandler have been dating for a few months now, today was diff **It's been a while since I last wrote a one-shot. Monica took a breath and turned, sitting at the dining table opposite Rachel. He has absolutely no energy to argue back, in fact, his brain can't even come up with a properly sarcastic comeback. Oh, morning, Joe, he greeted with a knowing grin. Chandler says sounding so amused with himself, you just roll your eyes. I can't find much Friends sick fics anywhere, all the ones I find with sick Monica, Rachel or Phoebe they wind up being pregnant, and I've only found 1 sick fic with Joey and he wound up having cancer! Joey and Chandler had a big fight about their relationship. The one with the made up imagines. He winced as he felt a pain behind his eyes, so clenched them shut. Mkay, Joey mumbled into Chandlers neck. "No shit sherlock, don't you think that I'm feeling that?" Litterally every episode of Friends with Y/n. Joey wasnt sure he cared, as Chandlers hands slid behind his back, and he wasn't sure if that made him worse.. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. (No, not Jack and Erica - they don't exist in this story.) Monica asks while keeping a distance from you. Joey falls in love with Rachel and they end up getting married. which ensures and which leads to Warm milk & Cookies and a bunch of fluff. Monica rolled her eyes and looked at her oldest friend. Hey, Chandler. "Telling your best friend that you love And my head kinda hurts.. They have succeeded in their love life, their careers and their family. Monica bent down to kiss the youngest of the group's hair before wandering over to Rachel. It was insightful and so unlike Rachel who had been, justifiably, more busy with her burgeoning relationship with Ross and her new job as of late to really pay attention to anything else. He shook him gently, trying not to hurt him. We're just frie Hi, I'm Chandler. Joey bursts in carrying a big bag full of videos. Monica puts down a bowl of chicken soup infront of you and you smile. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. he asks Chandler for a kiss for good luck. I honestly hate this fanfic idk why y'all are reading it Well, I really dont feel like going to some chick I dont knows poetry slam., Really? She always managed to hold out for a little while but ultimately always fell for those beautiful sad eyes. See ya. Rachel informed Chandler, leading the others out the apartment and across the hall. But seriously, Joey, you should really go home., I cant, Joey said waspishly. Observant wasnt exactly a word Chandler would choose to describe himself, but he knew when Joey was coming down with something, even if Joey didnt. And, quite selfishly, Monica didn't want him moving. You can have the whole thing. Plus, Ross had a way of bullet listing important details and not elaborating on what he observed and Rachel, even after knowing him for a year, tended to . This is for all you Joey fans a blonde zoological sciences expert has just moved to new york city after her boyfriend cheated on her. | In which Monica Gelle || "Oh honey, you're so beautiful you make my heart beat like it's running a marathon." Well unless youre auditioning for a NyQuil commercial, I think you should let this one go, Ross said, briefly looking at Chandler with a look that asked how he could let his roommate out of the apartment like this. The One With The Test. She cast a look to her brother and he nodded, understanding her silent message. "Well, you're being nice.." you sarcastically say as you go back to the couch to grab a blanket. Chandler is getting stressed out. Anyways, to answer your question: If I started watching Friends, I would read it. When the Geller-Bing family goes to Disneyland for Jack and Erica's fourth birthday, things go very wrong when Jack's life is threatened leading to his protective father, Chandler, to be shot. 1.9K 20 1. Chandler buys Joey something nice on the way home maybe a gift or a cake or something. Do you want anything? But be quiet, Joeys asleep on the sofa. "If he's sad, you guys should go be with him.". Shut up Ross. I ended up falling in love with my best friend who is also my roommate. "Better than he was yesterday, I think," Ross commented sincerely. This is the first season if you will, each episode will be one chapter. Have fun reading I hope I bring the essence friends has to words. How could you say that to him? friendssmut. The blue was light and the lashes were long, and they drooped down at the sides. Joey stopped shuffling, the smile returning to his face. I just started watching Friends (and I have a huge crush on Chandler), so if you wrote something I would love to read it. He was sound asleep within minutes. They wouldn't lose touch, they couldn't. The rain still hadnt let up, and due to the rapidly approaching winter, it was already dark and hadnt even turned eight oclock yet. Chandler Bing slowly walked up the steps to his apartment and finally walked in and lay down on the couch. I've always wanted to watch Friends; if I ever get around to doing so and you want to, can we write this together, too. "He's beautiful when he's sad," Rachel commented. Chandler! Joey called out hoarsely, practically whining. Come to think of it, Joey never snored. and a cute, sleepy Joey.. What- what are you saying By Chandlers reaction Joey. And in May 2004, she became a mother. When Joey proposes to just go with them Ross says that maybe getting beat up is just something every man has to go through once in their life. Move over. He gestured with his hands, taking a seat next to Joeys head once hes shuffled down the sofa. he gets home and he gives the gift or treat to Joey who wonders what hes done to deserve this gift or treat. ", ." Hes sick so I put Die Hard on for him. Chandler returned to his position on the sofa, once again carding his hand through Joeys hair. Bad luck at work, bad luck in love, bad luck in general. The poor guy had probably spiked a fever by now. Old friends - Joey New love - Chandler . I can't find much Friends sick fics anywhere, all the ones I find with sick Monica, Rachel or Phoebe they wind up being pregnant, and I've only found 1 sick fic with Joey and he wound up having cancer! Please consider turning it on! Who had it all If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). be able to come to their rescue? You can have the whole thing. The next morning passed pretty normally for Chandler, apart from the fact that Joey was sleeping for most of it. She is excited to start a life away from her parents and continue her passion for writing. Chandler: (Mocking) Wow, videos! I fell asleep at 9 last night and didnt wake up until just now. Joey frowned. Part of her really hated that she had been comforting Joey instead of her best friend, especially knowing that she had left Chandler with Ross and Rachel, who weren't the most tactful people. It was a silly fear, there had been no talk of Joey wanting Chandler to live with him, nor of Chandler wanting to move. Joey and Chandler walk into the place and a sigh leaves your mouth as you look at them. And snoring. Did she remember the hotdog, like Moms? he asked with a sniffle. You have to keep me warm, Joey insisted, sniffling as he lifted the blanket for Chandler to lie down next to him. Joeys nervous about an audition he has the next day. Look, youre scaring off the customers, she said just as a disgusted old couple left the shop. He has been, all his life. UNDER EDITING . He teaches 6th grade and also has 2 kids. Twice. His thought process was interrupted when he noticed Joey doing that cute cat-stretch thing he always did when he woke up. How will the family cope with Chandler now fighting for his life in a coma? He actually appeared quite pale in the colourless light of the apartment, as though he and the walls had grown numb from the loneliness Chandler was feeling. Chandler Bing/Joey Tribbiani - Shopping, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, i've been listening to the beastie boys and binging friends for 12 days send help, Episode: s02e24 The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding. Chandler flicked the light switch off, closing his eyes and settling into Joeys grasp.
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